All required machinery, tools & tackles and a large fleet of cranes are owned by the company.

This includes a 350T capacity Liebherr crane, a 450/600T American crane both with super lift facilities, and a host of other cranes having capacities ranging from 12T through 250T.

Neo Structo also possesses a large pool of Power Generators with capacity upto 160kVA.

It has got more than 1,000 welding machines including TIG welding units, GMAW/FCAW units and SAW welding stations.

Other machinery & equipment include more than 100 drilling machines (portable/ all-cut/ magnetic base/ radial/ universal, etc.), nearly 150 metal cutting units (CNC cutting machine, pipe cutting/bevelling machines, power hacksaws, angle cutting machines, pug cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, etc.), tank rotators upto 60T capacity, air compressors, electric winches, plate rolling machines (capacity upto 80mm).

We also have a large fleet of trucks, trailers, tempos, pick-up vans and buses for effective transport of personnel and materials.

With these vast resources back-up, Neo Structo can operate 10 to 15 sites at a time, and can deploy a workforce of about 8,000 people at any given time.

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